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Closed Systems

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Closed loop water systems are most commonly used as industrial heating and chilled systems. These types of systems generally have greater efficiency and reduced maintenance over other systems; however, this does not mean that they are maintenance free.

Closed system water treatment helps:

  • prevent scale.
  • prevent corrosion.
  • prevent bacteria build-up.

Scale, corrosion, and bacterial build-up can all contribute to energy wastage, poor system performance, and the need for early replacement of plant and components. It is impossible to completely eliminate corrosion within these systems. But with careful management and routine monitoring/sampling visits, it is possible to inhibit the corrosion rate to acceptable manageable levels. Therefore, extending the life expectancy of such systems.

At QES we provide advanced monitoring and control solutions. Our goal is to guarantee your compliance and help you maintain efficient systems. Our locally based and trained water treatment experts deliver service reports to assess system performance and help to reduce any surprises proactively. If there’s any areas of concern, we’ll be honest and talk you through what we recommend.

We use different water treatment chemicals (Scale and corrosion inhibitors) to treat a number of potential problems, our vast knowledge and experience allows us to manage the water chemistry effectively.

In untreated systems there is also the potential for bacteria growth, leading to the formation of a biofilm (a slimy coat) on the metal surface. Which will reduce not only the systems efficiency but the efficiency of any scale and corrosion inhibitor. To protect systems and help fight against biofilms the specialists at QES use the recommendation addition of a Biocide. It is much easier and more cost effective to maintain microbiological control within a closed heating and cooling system than to chemically flush a badly fouled system containing heavy build-up of Biofilm.

Let us help advise you on the best monitoring and control solutions for your closed loop water systems.

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