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On-Line Cleaning of Closed Circuit Systems

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To chemically clean and flush a system is the traditional method of cleaning up a fouled closed circuit system. However, this comes with its own risks;

  • Flushing a system will use copious amounts of water therefore introducing fresh oxygenated water into the system (which is a key component in the process of corrosion).
  • It causes major disruption to water services.
  • It also should be considered if any conflict with the water authority by discharging contents of the heating or chilled water system to drain without their consent to discharge material into the sewers.

At QES we provide advanced new technology solutions. Using the DosaFil unit we can complete an online clean and filtration of closed circuit systems.

  • No system downtime necessary
  • Unintrusive – minimal disruption to property / property users
  • Eliminates the need for long flushing processes and water waste.
  • Requires less manpower to clean and maintain systems and enables use of solid chemicals which save on transport, storage and H&S costs.
  • Low manpower requirements equate to substantially lower project costs and quicker project commencement.

QES trained water treatment experts work alongside a consultant to create a system based specific plan to help clean up closed circuit systems to ensure they fit within BSRIA BG50/2021 standards. Our goal is to guarantee your compliance and help you maintain efficient systems.

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Online clean – Case study

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