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Water Regulation Compliance – RPZ Valve Testing

Shield your business from the risk.

 Quality Environmental Services Ltd provides services such as the below:

  • RPZ Valve servicing/testing
  • RPZ Valve installation, commissioning and testing of new valves.
  • RPZ Valve maintenance and Repairs 

Quality Environmental Services Ltd have qualified/WAIPS accredited engineers that can assist with supply and installation, routine testing and maintenance of RPZ valves nationwide and offer a one stop solution for all RPZ valve requirements.

It is the owners and users’ legal duty to comply with the water regulations and their responsibility to ensure water supplied to property doesn’t pose a risk of cross contamination back to the water supply (backflow). Failure to do this this may result in legal enforcement action being taken and the water supply to the property being shut off.

Fluid Category 4 – RPZ valve

Fluid which represents a significant health hazard due to the concentration of toxic substances, including any fluid that contains:

  • Chemicals
  • Carcinogenic substances
  • Pesticides
  • Environmental organisms of potential health significance.

Example: Commercial clothes washing machines such as those used for laundry contaminated with animal or human fluids or waste.

Commercial Water Softener Services/Installation

Quality Environmental Services Ltd can deliver commercial water softener solutions to meet supplier and industry specifications.

Quality Environmental Services Ltd can provide a solution for your business in most locations, our resources cover the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.


Benefits of Commercial Water Softener Systems (in hard water areas)

  • Maintaining the system can be less time consuming.
  • Can increase the life expectancy of various assets within the water system.
  • Can assist with energy efficiency due to the lack of scale building up in assets such as calorifiers and water heaters.
  • Significantly reduces the formation of limescale that could both potentially harm operational aspects of the water system and could potentially provide nutrients for bacteria such as legionella to proliferate.
  • Can decrease both scrum and scale marks as the hardness of the water is reduced.
  • Can potentially improve flow rates, depending on the strength of the water softener and the size of the structure.

Regeneration Process

This process involves removing and ‘flushing out’ hard minerals and is one of the most important elements of how a commercial water softener works. Salt water solution (brine) is used to flush the water resin, and sends this to drain. Whilst doing this the resin is cleaned, and new water is softened as it arrives in the system.

Ion Exchange: From a technical perspective, sodium ions replace calcium and magnesium ions. For ion exchange to be truly effective it needs to be carried out on a regular basis. When the next service cycle comes around, the solution should have cleaned the resin substantially.

The number of times this method needs to be done depends on a series of factors, which include:

  • The size of the water system
  • The current efficiency level
  • The structure of the system.

Quality Environmental Services Ltd can help with any water softener needs and give essential advice with planning. We can provide services such as the below:

  • Water softener servicing/testing.
  • Water softener installation, commissioning and testing.
  • Water softener maintenance and repairs.

Legionella Remedial Works – Corrective Compliance Works

 Quality Environmental Services Ltd are specialists in delivering corrective remedial works and have 30 years’ experience within water hygiene sector. At present we undertake remedial works for over 50 reputable clients including large FM companies and hotel management companies, with which we have been advising and supporting in all aspects of remedial works for over decade to ensure that their properties remain compliant with relevant legislation and guidance.

Prevent the risk

Your legionella risk assessment and routine service checks will help identify risks that require corrective remedial works to reduce the risk of legionella growth in your water systems. Quality Environmental Services Ltd offer nationwide services (England, Scotland & Wales) to help mitigate the risk of legionella growth within your systems.

Legionella remedial works focus on improving aspects of your water system by removing risks that encourage growth. Examples include:

  • System design.
  • Corrective measures.


Remedial works, therefore, can include changes such as:

  • Removing redundant pipework.
  • Removing sources of nutrients (limescale).
  • Cleaning cold water storage vessels.
  • Insulating pipework.
  • Servicing thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs).

The above list is not an exhaustive indication of our service provision.  


When do I need to do remedial works?

Remedial works are used to rectify any actions identified within routine servicing / inspection and Legionella Risk Assessments by a water hygiene specialist such as ourselves. Should you make any additional changes to your water system it is important to consult with your water hygiene specialist to ensure the changes meet current regulations.

Quality Environmental Services Ltd can provide services such as the below:

  • Calorifier and water heater replacements / internal inspections
  • Dead leg removal.
  • Cold water storage vessel refurbishment or replacements including GRP sectional tanks.
  • TMV servicing, replacement and new installations.
  • RPZ Valve servicing, repairs and new installations.
  • Mains conversion works (dependant on suitability)
  • Water softener installations.
  • Cold water storage vessel clean and disinfections.
  • Mains injection chlorination / disinfection works.
  • Filtration and UV system installation.

The above list is not an exhaustive indication of our service provision.

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